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This is what Zdzisława writes about her adventures with Polish Hearts

Beloved from POLISH HEARTS! I don't understand why I spent so many years alone. I was sitting at home and didn't even feel like reading books. I thought that 65 years is an age where you can't count on anything anymore... Only when I joined the internet, my life changed beyond recognition. Among other things, I came across your website and thanks to it I met many new friends. And one gentleman from London even wants to meet me on NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!!! Meeting of course in Poland. My heart is trembling like a young chick's, but I think I’ll have enough courage, especially since he will be the one coming and staying with his family. And none of this would have happened without YOUR intermediary. Thank you, warm regards and I wish a lot of happy and united Polish hearts in 2010.

Thanks to Polish Hearts I met a wonderful boy!

Hello, I have a lifetime premium account or something like that. Thanks to you, I met a wonderful guy and I would like to suspend my account if that's possible. Can I cancel my account and start it again after a year or a few years and everything will work the same or will I lose my premium? Please reply. Thank you in advance

Thank you for the engagement month and the wedding!!!

I warmly greet the whole team responsible for the creation and functioning of the PolishHearts website ;) Thanks to you, I found my other half, engaged in a month, and married!!! :) Perhaps the website will be interested in this fact and will use it to encourage singles in the UK and other countries to use PH. :) Best regards

... thanks to you and your portal I found...

Hello, maybe I will start by saying what I used to tell my friends when they asked me what I was looking for, what I desired. My answer was always the same "I am not looking for a princess...I want an ordinary girl who will throw me into the water in the summer, with whom I can throw snowballs in the winter, lie in a pile of leaves in the autumn, and in green grass in the spring. And she can be an ordinary girl for everyone... For me, she will be exceptional..." and thanks to you and your portal, I found such a person. A woman whom I am slowly falling in love with, whom I think seriously about and whom I want to be with. It is thanks to you and your portal, even though I never thought this could happen through a portal like yours. And yet...Thank you and I wish the same to all users, really...you can also find it, just give yourselves a chance...sometimes fate, a simple coincidence, can give you what you desire so much... Robert

Polish dating on Polish Hearts works!

Hi, I was logged in to your profile twice. I met interesting people, but that's not what I wanted to write about:) I met my soulmate on this portal:) Unbelievable, logging in here I didn't believe in meeting someone online, and then suddenly... We lived in Poland, 30 km apart. We met here, already living in Norway, 400 km apart. At the moment we are together, living together and expecting our little one:)

Thank you:))) florist35